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Производитель: Morbidelli
Модель: AUTHOR M
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3-4-5 axes CNC Machining Centre

Machining centre with modular composition designed and developed depending on requirements for companies in the furniture industry.




MATIC TABLE: “zero” set-up times
A single positioning to obtain more elements for the assembling of a complete piece of furniture due to a dedicated motor in each base/mobile surface and the configuration is performed in just a few seconds, with guaranteed safety against the risk of collisions between the tool and the worktable. The suction cup /clamp changeover operation is quick and easy by pressing a pushbutton integrated on the base without having to use external tools.

“XILOG MAESTRO” SOFTWARE: simply intelligent
Simple and fast programming with the control of each single phase in real time.
The work piece render view with “texture” from all possible angles offers an immediate and real picture of the work piece being machined.

“PRISMA” 5-AXIS MACHINING UNIT: quality and productivity at the highest level
The Scm Group's patented solutions  provides the unit with the rigidity of a vertical head, allowing the carrying out of even the most heavy duty machining, and its compactness keeps to a minimum the overall dimensions in all directions. This results in a high quality finish, maximum operator convenience and flexibility of use.

BORING UNIT : no more machine downtime
The sturdiness of Morbidelli boring heads is proven by the frequency of any required maintenance - only every 1000 hours, five times better than that offered by the majority of other machine manufacturers: indestructible and with low maintenance. Equipped with integrated saw blade unit controlled by an  inverter, the heads provide the very best results with any type of material.



Технические характеристики



  M 400 M 600 M 800
X axis working area mm 3650-5020-6360 3650-5020-6360 3650-5020-6360
Y axis working area mm 1380-1680 1680-1905 1680-1905
Panel passage mm 170 250 350
Max independent  vertical spindles n. 38 38 38
Max independent horizontal spindles n. 12 12 12
Boring head speed rpm 2000-8000 2000-8000 2000-8000
Integrated Saw-blade diameter mm 160 160 160
Electrospindle kW (S1) 8,5 / 13 8,5 / 13 8,5 / 13
Tools available on the Tool Change Crib  max. n. 34 54 54

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